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Taking into consideration your comfort and hoping that your stay in our suite will bring into your memory only nice memories, we encourage you to get acquainted with the Regulations.

  1. General provisions

These Regulations determine the reservation and rental conditions of suites available at  and cooperating websites. Making the order (reservation) means that you have got acquainted with and accepted the Regulations. The reservation is also the conclusion of the lease agreement between the Lessor and the Customer under the conditions specified in the Regulations and price list.

The Lessor’s “” is a trade name used by the A. Drągowski Sp. z o.o. Company, seated in Warsaw,  at Al. J. Ch. Szucha Street  2/4 no. 39, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 525-261-51-75, share capital 4 500 000 PLN fully paid up.

  1. Making the reservation and payment rules
  1. The reservation can be made via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., through a contact from or by phone on +48 22 827 90 83. After receiving information on the available data, an advance of 30% of the whole amount should be paid.
  2. The reservation is confirmed at the same moment as the advance of 30% of the whole transaction is booked on our account. The remaining amount is to be paid upon receiving the keys. Although, there is a possibility of paying the whole amount of the transaction upon making the reservation.
  3. The whole amount of the transaction equals the number of days times the suite’s price, available on our website in the ‘Prices’ section.
  4. The payment is to be made to the account number 86 1540 1287 2001 6878 8722 0001 or through dotpay. The appropriate form is available on our website in the ‘Prices’ and ‘Online Payments’ sections.
  5. Upon the arrival the Client is obliged to pay the remaining amount to the person responsible for handing over the keys. The payment is to be made in cash. Started reservation cannot be shortened.
  6. In each case, the whole payment for the stay and recognition of the Lessor’s bill has to be made, before the rented premises are given to the Customer. The Customer receives an invoice from the Lessor.
  7. Payments for all additional services, not included in the reservation, are to be made after ordering the service. The payments can be made in cash, by pay card or an e-transfer.
  8. The Client shall bear any costs of bank transfers.

III. Changes in reservation

  1. The Client has the right to change the reservation date, prolong the reservation or change the number of people, as long as the change is made at least 21 days before the initial data of the reservation. The Client has to inform the Lessor about the changes they intend to introduce by phone or email. The Lessor reserves the right to decline making changes if it is impossible due to objective factors. In the case of the Client’s withdrawal from the lease agreement due to the impossibility of making changes, the Client is not entitled to a refund of the advance.
  2. If the new date of the reservation falls on a more expensive season, the Client is required to pay the difference in price to the person responsible for handing over the keys on the day of their arrival when settling the whole payment.
  3. The Client can transfer all the reservation privileges to another person, as long the person accepts all the responsibilities resulting from the lease agreement. In such case the Lessor is to be informed about the Client’s change immediately and they should receive information with details of the person who shall assume the rights and obligations under the lease agreement.
  1. “Last minute” reservation
  1. “Last minute” reservations are reservations with the time of arrival is within the next 3 days (counting in the day of placing the order). In the case of “Last minute” reservations there is no advance payment. The Client is obliged to pay the whole amount to the person responsible for handing over the keys on the day of their arrival.
  2. After placing the order, the reservation has to be confirmed by phone within 2 hours (and in the case of placing the order after 10 pm Polish time, it should be confirmed by 10 am on the next day). The telephone number for confirmation is + 48 22 827 90 83 or mobile + 48 606 930 481. No phone confirmation of the reservation within the time frame mentioned above means cancellation of the reservation.
  3. In the case of “Last Minute” promotions, in order to confirm the reservation, the Client has to give information about their credit card: first name, surname, card number (the last three digits) and the expiry date. The card is not charged for the stay at the moment of making the reservation. If the reservation is made and no one appears to use the suite, the card is charged for the whole cost of the reservation.
  1. Responsibility
  1. If any unpredictable circumstances take place, and their results cannot be immediately eliminated by usual means, A. Drągowski Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to offer the Client another facility, similar to the one originally reserved. In the case of events caused by force majeure, the Lessor has the right to withdraw from the agreement. It also applies to situations in which the personal security of the Client or their property cannot be guaranteed due to factors beyond the control of A. Drągowski Sp. z o.o. The amounts paid by the Client are immediately returned, minus the amounts due for the services that have already been rendered.
  2. If the Client does not come or their stay is delayed or shortened due to factors beyond the Lessor’s control (strikes, communication problems, personal reasons), the Client is obliged to pay the whole amount due for the lease, which is stated in the reservation confirmation email or on the voucher.
  1. The conditions and scope of suite rental
  1. The agreement between the Lessor and the Client includes only the rental of the suite. Travel, meals and organisation of time during the stay are entirely in the hands of the Client. The price includes charges for utilities (gas, electricity, water, the Internet) and the final cleaning. The owner shall not charge any additional payments beyond those stated about that particular object on the website, except for fees for possible transfer, parking space rental or Internet access.
  2. The minimum rental time is 3 days and does not include: long weekend, the time of Christmas, New Year or Easter. There is a possibility to rent a suite for a shorter time, though, but the price is higher then.
  3. The Lessor reserves the right to change the reserved suite, offering a suite of the same or higher standard.
  4. We issue VAT invoices on request.

VII. The Client’s responsibilities and accommodation

  1. The arrival should take place within the hours set with the person responsible for handing over the keys. The Client is obliged to inform the person at least one day prior to their arrival about the time they plan to receive the keys.
  2. The accommodation starts after 1 pm on the day of the arrival and ends by 11 am on the day of the departure, unless it is set otherwise with the person responsible for handing over the keys. If the Client cannot reach the destination on time, they are obliged to inform by phone the person responsible for handing over the keys immediately.
  3. The Client has to show their ID when they receive the keys to the suite.
  4. The number of people who may live in the suite is limited by the number which is stated in the reservation. The Client is obliged to inform by phone or email about any changes in this number. If the number is exceeded, the Lessor can charge for every extra person or break the lease agreement immediately without returning any payments.
  5. The Client is obliged to inform the person responsible for handing over the keys about any possible defects and faults found in the facility and to report any damage caused during their stay. If there are damages caused during the stay, the Client is obliged to cover the full costs for the damages in cash, to the person responsible for handing over the keys in cash, on the day of departure at the latest. The owner of the damaged goods decides about the form of the compensation.
  6. Moving furniture in the suite without the owner’s consent is forbidden.
  7. If the guests lose the keys they are obliged to pay a PLN 300 fee.
  8. There is a total ban on smoking in the suites (there is a PLN 500 fine for smoking).
  9. The Clients are obliged to keep the object in the condition in which they found it and to maintain the principles of good neighbourhood and especially to follow the curfew between 10 pm and 6 am. Organising any parties in the suites is forbidden.
  10. The guests are obliged to leave clean dishes and kitchen utensils as well as to throw the rubbish out, as those services are not included in the final cleaning.
  11. The Client has to pay particular attention to proper operation of water taps as well as gas and electrical devices. Due to the fire protection, the Client cannot use any electric devices, which are not on the suite’s equipment, except for: computers, shavers and hairdryers.
  12. Every time the guests leave the suite they are obliged to close all the windows and close all the locks to which they have keys.
  13. We advise not to leave any valuable items in the suite – the owner does not bear the responsibility for their possible loss or destruction.
  14. The Client may use the suite only for living purposes and cannot rent it to third persons without the owner’s consent.
  15. The rules for using a specific suite may be further described in regulations applicable in the suite.

VIII. Change of prices

The Lessor reserves the right to change the prices in chosen seasons.

  1. Child’s stay

A child up to 5 (one per couple), who sleeps with the adults or in a cot and does not require additional bedclothes can stay for free. While making the reservation the Client has to give the number of people without the child, and give the child’s age. Older children pay the full price.

  1. Pets

The Lessor does not allow pets in rented suites.

  1. Personal data protection

The Client hereby consents for their personal data being put in the Lessor’s database responsible for the reservation process. The data will be used only to realise the reservation, facilitate next reservations, and for marketing purposes in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29th 1997. The Client has the right to access and actualise their personal data.

XII. Applicable law

The law applicable to disputes between the owner and the Client is the Polish law. Disputes shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the Lessor's seat.



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